Ibiza's Best Beach Restaurants

The beach is a key component of the Mediterranean lifestyle for locals and it is one of the main attractions for tourists who flock to the region every summer. Add to that the fantastic wine, freshest seafood, incredible climate, the sand between your toes and you have a recipe for the perfect afternoon.

Ibiza is famous for its beach clubs/restaurants and many are amongst the best places to indulge your taste buds. The rugged coastline is dotted with beautiful bays which have become the home to incredible beach restaurants, offering the finest seafood the Mediterranean has to offer, while soaking up the sun and starring out at the most incredible vistas across the sea.

Every local has their favourite, but here is our selection of Ibiza’s best beach restaurants, in no particular order, for those of you who may be visiting the island for the first time. Sit back, enjoy the food, enjoy the wine and watch the sun slowly slip into the sea.

Best Beach Restaurants